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Inspire Management Consulting is a management consulting company that was established in 2015 under the auspices of PT. Interactive World Inspiration. This company was built to answer the growing business challenges, especially in the management of human resources.

For more than ten years engaged in general management, we have found an important formula in developing a business. We believe that every industry and organization has different characteristics.

However, we also believe that differences can create synergies between organizations.

For this reason, we are committed to establishing partnerships with companies or institutions that need our services in developing their business. Thus, we have designed various efforts to provide the best service that benefits business partners, including :

  • Management consulting services
  • Legal service services
  • Recruitment services
  • Marketing consulting services
  • Financial services
  • Mechanical electrical services
  • In house training
  • Outbond training

Join us to work together to develop a better business.


Vision Inspire

  • Every business from the Inspire client by implementing the Good Corporate Governance system can continue to advance, grow and develop and can inspire other companies.
  • Helping business people get out of any problems currently faced, or avoid potential problems in the future. (according to the philosophy of the eagle that flies higher when it overcomes the storm & Isaiah 40:31) "they are like eagles that fly with the power of their wings, they run and do not become lethargic, they walk and do not get tired."
  • Build a management system that is user friendly (easy to understand) and transparent for business people, so that there are no problems involving fraud cases committed by the company's internal managerial (insiders).

Mission Inspire

  • Helps accompany and direct every business person to implement Good Corporate Governance.
  • Work together with clients as partners in a team.
  • Serve client companies with creative and innovative and high credibility.
  • Providing advice and solutions to client needs, which are appropriate to the characteristics and business context that the client expects to manage the business.
  • Through client companies that have successfully implemented Good Corporate Governance, client companies can be an inspiration for other business people.

Our Team

Alex Surya Rahardjo S.T. - InterActive Group founder and CEO, as the initiator of ideas from PT. Interactive World Inspiration, longs for a condition where business people can run their business with good management to avoid and be able to overcome every business problem in the right way. From this longing, now Consultants who are experts in their fields are also joining.

Puguh Bayu Ferryanto - Experienced in developing organizational and human resources in the fields of education, retail as well as food safety, legal and compliances in manufacturing companies, hospitality and trading companies, focus on business development oriented to People Development, Assessment, employee competencies, in addition to legal audit and legal opinions for industries and implementers also assisting in making business process flow from raw materials to finish good with HACCP (Hazzard Analytical & Critical Check Point) rules; Organizational builder based on ISO 9001 (TQM); Safety First Program; Seceurity System Development; Company Add Values; Trainer and Motivator.