Management Consulting Services

The success of a company, one of which is determined by the management system that is run. If the management system collapses, then the survival of the company will also suffer. To prevent this, Inspiring Management Consulting is ready to assist you through the following management consulting services.

Service or services that we provide :

  1. Making job desk and employee role play
  2. Control and evaluate employee performance through KPI
  3. Making work flow and management systems (including: work procedures)
  4. Making management control functions, so the system can be duplicated in several branches
  5. Making a management system audit, so that targets and systems can be monitored and corrected if there are leaks or errors
  6. The handling of illegal documentation, for franchising, the establishment of new companies / branch offices, and business development
  7. Employee coaching and counceling for development programs
  8. HR employee management (company regulations, employment contracts, payroll, work schedules)
  9. Implementation of in-house training to improve the quality of employee soft skills