Mechanical Electrical Services

Specifications of services and work performed :

1.       Assembling the machine (machine builder)

  • 100% Making operational blueprints for new / similar machines
  • 100% Calculation of manufacturing specifications and investment value

2.       Machine improvement (service machinery)

  • 100% Creation of new distribution panel cable lines
  • 100% Detail of making cable and power network images
  • 100% Fireplace machine wiring (installation of cable tray), according to the principle of houkeeping 5R 
  • Making lay-out of production machines to increase motion efficiency and productivity up to 50%
  • Upgrade process automation by PLC, to reduce manpower operations by up to 50%
  • Increase engine output up to 40% according to maximum operational capacity

3.       Maintenance Services

  • Providing training system for Management Maintenance system, starting from spare part management, planned maintenance, improvement maintenance and development maintenance
  • Assistance with implementing a good maintenance system
  • Provide an assessment or assessment of the competency of maintenance staff
  • Providing an assessment of engine performance, for reference management in making decisions, to decrease engine performance
  • System maintenance management audit