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October 17, 2018

To answer the challenges of digital technology in the HR field, InterActive Group held a seminar titled "HR In Digital Era" on Wednesday, October 10, 2018. The event which took place at the Coffee Cafe Bar & Lounge, Mercure Grand Mirama, Surabaya, was attended by more than 50 company owners , HRD, and manager.

The seminar began at 09.00 WIB and discussed the topic "7 Strategies to Increase Millennial Generation Loyalty in the Company". As a speaker, Puguh Bayu S.H (CEO of Inspire Management Consulting) explained that the workforce is currently filled with many millennials. However, many companies lack understanding of millennial generation behaviors that tend to be active, flexible, and like challenges in work. As a result, many millennial employees often bicker with their superiors and suddenly submit resigns.

To minimize this problem, Puguh Bayu recommends all HRD, managers, and company owners to better master digital technology in the HR field. Because, millennial is a generation that has a high enough understanding of technology. If the company does not master technology in the HR field, then the company is threatened to fail in retaining millennial employees in the company.

As a solutive step, InterActive is collaborating with Sleekr to present an attendance machine that can be connected to Talenta software, the most complete HR software to facilitate HRD in integrated HR management. Starting from attendance management, payroll, to BPJS reports and taxation. When the attendance machine innovation was announced, dozens of seminar participants seemed enthusiastic and wanted to try it immediately.