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Inspire Teaches and directs the implementation of marketing strategies. So that clients can implement appropriate and targeted marketing strategies.

Service or services we provide:

1. Teach and direct the application of marketing strategies. So that clients can implement appropriate and targeted marketing strategies so they are ready to face other competitors by doing : 

  • Target market analysis
  • Company SWOT analysis
  • Market segmentation determination
  • Making sales calculation statistical data


2. Help clients to increase sales turnover​ 


3. Help solve problems faced by clients in the fields of marketing, sales and management,  such as:

  • Less competitive with competitors
  • Improved management system to increase work productivity
  • Improve process efficiency so that selling prices can be competitive


4. Help and direct the client to make a promotion or promotion to grow the business in various ways, such as:

      > Promotion

  • Bellow the line
  • Above the line

      > Branding strategy

  • Re-branding
  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand image
  • Brand equity

       > E-commerce and E-Business


5. Analyzing consumer behavior to help clients better understand what consumers need in order to create consumer loyalty, such as:

      > Consumer survey

      > S T P (Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning)

      > Consumer behavior

  • High end
  • Middle end
  • Low end


6. Assist and provide input to clients about the problems currently faced and provide solutions to solutions that can be quickly resolved efficiently and effectively. As :

     > Design lay out warehouse or other

  • Fast moving
  • Low moving

    > Creative advertising (giving the advertisement ideas needed to make brochures, banners and other advertising media)

  > Helps implement if the client has a new business idea by providing suggestions, suggestions, criticisms and solutions for creating business ideas


7. Provision of managerial training according to the material needed both for employees, managerial positions and owners


8. Providing special training for salesmen and marketing skills that are appropriate to the needs of employees, managerial positions and owners


9. Direct assistance to the market for team education, both at the outlet and directly to the customer